Sunday, June 1, 2008

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"Being in Cathy’s classes has certainly benefited me. Learning everything from grammar, to ways to write a good essay, to even learning invaluable life lessons. I like how her classes with me aren’t just laborious worksheets where you fill in the blanks, mindlessly. She knows how to get you involved into the topic, usually by asking a thought-provoking question. She’s also very respectful towards different opinions, as she understands that with various people, comes an endless possibility of perception. I wholeheartedly enjoyed my time with Cathy, and value it deeply. She and I always manage to have a fun time during class, regardless of the lesson we have. I feel blessed to have had the chance to be taught by her, as both a student and a citizen in the world of life."
Alan Lee

"Cathy is a very patient teacher. She helped my daughters to improve their English in a short period. I find that besides being an English tutor, she also teaches about life experiences. Her teaching style is never dull because she uses various ways to educate my daughters. I am very glad that I have found an excellent tutor for my daughters and now we are good friends. She does not mind using her time out of class to teach me how to pronounce words correctly. I appreciate what she has done for my daughters and I thank her from the bottom of my heart."
Anissa Chan

"Cathy's English lessons are very entertaining while I am actually learning language from her. I can learn faster than at school because I ENJOY it !!! I couldn't have made it this far without her help. She is my savior and she is my everything. Thank you Cathy and I LOVE YOU FOREVER and EVER Amen =)"
Calvin Shim

"Who is Cathy? She is one of the most brilliant teachers out there and she knows how to teach! Her knowledge of teaching surpasses any other great teachers. She has helped me with what was for me the ticket to university. Studying the LPI with her was the best thing I
have ever done. I learned such essential writing skills which were required for my university, and I am very thankful for it. She is the best at what she does and whoever is reading this right now should not hesitate to take classes with her."
Love Jeff K.

"When I met her first time I was kind of afraid to speak in English
because I didn't have confidence about what I was saying and what I was doing. In every class she told an example of a story in her life that would help me to relax. She is learning Spanish and she explained that she had the same problems and fears as I did learning English. Actually, I came here almost year and a half ago,but I was too shy to use my English skills, but since I met my teacher, (who is always smiling and jovial) I guarantee you that I am not afraid speak in English anymore. Thanks Cathy!"
Stephen Shim

"Cathy is a wonderful tutor-teacher. She has made me become a better person because not only does she teach me English, she also teaches me a lot about life. No matter what problems I have, she tries her best to help me and arranges time to see me. Her patience is incredible because she will explain lessons numerous times until I fully understand the material. She has unlimited knowledge because what ever I ask her, she knows something about it. In my eyes, she has become more a friend to me than a teacher. I am comfortable around her because I can tell her anything. I have learned a lot from her and I love her so much. Muah"
Larice Chan

"I think Cathy is a wonderful teacher. Each time I ask her something she answers and if she doesn't know it, she will go out and search it for me. She is like a walking encyclopedia. She knows more than English, she knows how to be a nice person and listen well. Cathy is a person who will listen to your problems and provide some insight to help you find an answer. She isn't one of those teachers who comes for money. She actually tells her experiences. She is a great teacher and deserves 5 out of 5 stars!"
Andy Lee

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rightchoiceed said...

The Right Choice is a great place to learn. The people are great and the students are unbelievable.

Cathy-O said...

I have known Cathy for a few years now an consider her a dear friend. Cathy is genuine and caring, and loves the work she does. Her students love her, and I know she loves all of them.

AndyL said...

Hi I'm Andy. The Right Choice greatly enhanced my learning capabailities. It's not just learning, it's pretty fun too.

I'm in grade 6. We learn about grammar, essays and reading. Cathy teaches independently from the school curriculam. She teaches us one grade higher than we should be (for English). She makes the lessons fun and entertaining.

Signing Off,

Andy Lee

Anonymous said...

The one factor which makes Cathy such a great teacher is her own tireless drive to learning new things. As her former student (Cathy has been a source of inspiration to me from 1999 to...well, now really)I'll just like to say the fact that she's taken right choice online is an amazing milestone on her it skill (personal joke is a daily feature with Cathy, she appreciates humor and tolerated my bitterness with a sense of FUN).

Genuinely a helpful teacher and a great family friend.

Midrand said...

Although I’ve only had a few classes with Cathy, I believe I made the right choice. The classes I had were full of fun. Cathy’s enthusiasm can definitely inspire her students. I truly appreciate all her help and valuable suggestions. I will definitely recommend her to any of my ESL friends.
Sylvia H

Unknown said...

Cathy is a very extraordinary tutor. The day I met her, I was a hopeless child who barely wrote a paragraph. I just got 50/50 on school essay assignment today! Cathy does NOT simply do the work for the student, but helps students to learn and obtain the necessary skills that will benefit the student for their lifetime. Cathy is not only a good teacher, but she is a wonderful friend who is concerned about the student with pure enthusiasm. She breaks the fixed stereotypes which most people have against English teachers: ‘English classes are boring’. I have never fallen asleep during her classes because every session is another exciting adventure and opportunity to grow.

JW Kim, Korean

Sam said...

Cathy was my English teacher when I was grade 11 and 12 in nine years ago. My English was very bad at the time as I did not enjoy writing essays and studying meaningless fictions. As with most young kids, I rather played video games than reading Shakespeare. In one of the sessions with Cathy, she encouraged me to start reading something that I liked instead forcing myself to read school materials. Gradually, I began browsing on the web to read all latest news and reviews of videogames. My English gradually improved and after that I started to pick up other interesting topics including psychology, business management, self help books and etc. The conclusion was that Cathy gradually changed my attitude on English from avoiding textbooks to searching for books that I truly enjoy.

Today, I am a property professional, specializing in property finance and development. Cathy's lessons will definitely improve your English skills. However, Cathy's lessons are much more than that as her life lessons and friendship are truly precious that last for a lifetime.